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The Crow's Nest

Watching for socioeconomic, geopolitical, & environmental storms on the horizon.

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The Context - Rapid Global Change

In a rapidly changing world, subject to the forces of globalization, sustainability requires a concerted, proactive effort. On the local level, cities, sub-communities, and neighborhoods must have the foresight to adapt to these changes before crises are upon them— or face serious economic and social consequences.

Our Mission - Sustainable Society

We at A New Story Foundation keep abreast of the latest global trends from a perspective based in systems theory and geoscience and apply that knowledge to your city or community organization. Upon request, we give customized presentations to your group or group’s leadership to assist them in seeing the impacts that current events will have in their circle of responsibility. We detail those things in the immediate future that must be planned for to retain the quality of services that they find important or essential. Our primary interests are sustainable society and a sustainable future. We conduct research and educate the public towards making that a reality.

The Crow's Nest

Consider The Crow's Nest as a look-out for social, economic, and environmental storms on the horizon. Using the tools we have developed at A New Story Foundation, cycles of emotion and behavior are used to forecast changes in the collective mood of society, the way it percieves its government, and "the world." These are the resulting socioeconomic, geopolitical, and environmental implications.

Highlights from The MoodCompass

The Crow's Nest is a semi-official voice of A New Story Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization devoted to the challenge of achieving sustainable society. This blog primarily consists of highlights from our monthly publication, The MoodCompass, which contains information designed to give you or your organization a head's up on how today's events may affect your immediate tomorrow.