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I know things have been pretty tense lately in the U.S. and in the world.  Jobs are getting harder to come by and money is tighter all around.  The world is changing quickly, this country is changing as well.  If we can just get through the next several months of rapid and sweeping changes things should pause at least long enough for us to take a breath and look around.  It will not be like it "used to be" --  ever.  The important thing is to be flexible on an emotional level.  As we watch pieces of our way of life that have been important to us fade away, we may grieve, but we must accept it and move on.  There is a time for everything, and the time to fight for a better world or for past ideals is not now.  Now is the time to keep your head low, go with the flow, and survive the changes in the tide.

Below is an except from this month's MoodCompass:
- - - -

Last month we focused on the United States and a possible market crash between September 16th and the 26th.   While at the time of this publication, September 27th,  the stock market indices have not reflected a crash in “points,” the month saw the demise of several “great American institutions” such as Lehman Brothers, and Washington Mutual Bank. Many individual stocks experienced declines of crash proportions. Retirement portfolios comprised of unlucky investments were destroyed.

In October, the focus quickly shifts away from the United States to the global scene. As economies around the world lick their wounds from last month, the awareness grows as to just how fragile the interconnected, globalized way of life truly is. While a spirit of unity or common goals might go far to solve the issues at hand, that is not what we find this month. Every nation and sub-group is ready to fight for their own interests. And it is in this spirit of self-assertive self interest that world leaders will try to hold the pieces of the fragile global puzzle together. We wish them luck!

In the U.S. an election draws near. Over the past couple of years occasional speculation has been made in various blogs and publications that something would occur near the election to draw attention away from domestic issues. Interestingly, the configuration for U.S. social mood is externally focused throughout the month even though the economy is in serious difficulty and an important election is about to take place. What a curious coincidence!

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(current issue viewable by subscription only; reprinted with permission of A New Story Foundation)

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