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Unexpected Explosions of Violence

Violent explosion! I read those words a few days ago in conjunction with the unexpected eruption of a volcano in Chile. It made me wonder what was about to happen next. Unlike many, I do not believe this is an isolated incident, nor is it “random.” It is part of an overall pattern in play right now (MoodCompass Type: SSE). This is Nature’s expression of it for the moment. This same pattern in the human world can look like sudden geopolitical escalation, violent protests, or even terrorist activity. In the markets it often goes with sudden spikes in the price of oil and gasoline. There was a violent explosion with an unexpected twist in the news today -- two hostages were inadvertently killed in a drone strike, albeit last January.

Expect the unexpected in world news over the next week or two. Expect surprising explosive events or violence with an unexpected twist. Personally, I recommend you do what you can to keep your world calm and centered. Things will likely get worked out one way or another on the global scene so that “business as usual” may prevail. There is quite an investment in the status quo, and for now, keeping it in tact is strong motivation for world leaders. So, whatever volcanoes, skirmishes, or other unexpected explosions appear over the next week or two, do your best to stay cool!

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