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As mentioned in previous posts, a global cluster of disaster-type events has begun, and it may be another week before this disaster wave peaks (current data shows it is not even near peak yet).  While the most destructive events should be located outside the United States, the U.S. will not be immune.

Saturday kicked it off with Ohio's forth largest city suddenly finding itself waterless due to toxins found in the drinking water. This has resulted in the governor declaring a state of emergency.  See news story.

On Sunday, over 12,000 homes were destroyed in China due to a large earthquake.  The current death toll is near 400.  See story.

There should be another week or possibly more filled with headlines of death, destruction, disease, and/or toxicity.  This is the measureable shift in consciousness we have already made in collectively turning away from a focus on global violence, aggression, and expansion.  It just hasn't yet all shown up in the news.  Give it a week or two.  We will have a new global focus, new types of collective troubles to worry about.  Perhaps it doesn't have to be this way, but for now, this is what gets our collective attention, and allows us to globally shift gears.


The above is an excerpt from the blog: Collective Mood, Global Events, and the Markets.

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