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Time to Panic?

We've been watching the setup develop for months of what has turned out to be a long and painful process, as the world fights to hold on to a sense of growth, expansion, and/or aggression (the alternatives being contraction, depression, and/or despair).  We called the first chapter of "World in Crisis" which we then discovered included the beginnings of the Ukraine crisis, a missing Malaysian airliner,  and a Korean ferry disaster.  Part II of this "World in Crisis" phenomenon saw ISIS take parts of Iraq and Syria, eruption of conflict with Israel/Gaza, further escalation in Ukraine, and another downed Malaysian aircraft with all aboard lost.  Part III is nearing.

There has been a steady negative social mood trend for two weeks.    There has been a steady negative mood trend for two weeks.  Intraday movement (volatility) has increased in the stock market, yet markets have managed to stay nearly flat.  Pressure is leaning on the markets for a 3% drop, just to catch up to where social mood has recently deteriorated to. The grand finale we have been watching for in the recent series of world events is not yet here, but as said previously, a drop in the market should be a clear signal that it's getting close.  The next few days could be quite informative...

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The above is an excerpt from the blog: Collective Mood, Global Events, and the Markets.

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