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Early on 28 February, we posted about an imminent Global crisis that would strongly impact the U.S. and its people.  Hours later, the Ukraine crisis began.  The latest info shows that the U.S. impact from this or additional events will show up as soon as tomorrow.  This could be the beginnings of the greatest crisis the U.S. has faced in years.

This summarizes the available information from social mood patterns on this upcoming crisis:

1) The likely timeframe is March 6-13.  2) Although dramatic in effect on the U.S. it does not likely involve large U.S. casualties like most "disasters."  3) The social mood configuration shows a rising risk of panic.  4) The category of event is MoodCompass type NE which would usually show up as a) an economic disaster, b) an "attack" (i.e. a perceived "victimization") from a geopolitical entity, or c) if a natural disaster, a winter storm.  5) There is little chance of it being a natural disaster.  6) The precipitating cause is most likely an international disaster or crisis, meaning it could involve further fallout from the Ukraine crisis.

The top chart below shows the relatively low estimated U.S. fatalities of this "disaster."  For this reason, as well as the indication of it originating outside of the U.S., we are referring to it as a "crisis."  If the second chart is looked at carefully, especially beginning with the Boston Marathon event, the pattern can be observed which makes this crisis appear especially serious.

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The above is an excerpt from the daily blog: Collective Mood, Global Events, and the Markets.

For more information on the MoodCompass Project, see http://moodcompass.com.

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