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More Info on the Next U.S. Tragedy

The latest information suggests the next big U.S. tragedy will be early this week.  One week ago, the latest information showed the next big U.S. tragedy was days away.  On the 10th, it appeared imminent.  Friday's shooting at Arapahoe High School could have been the next disaster, but it wasn't.  It was a tragedy, but did not resolve the pattern that has been developing in collective mood.  There is something else still likely to show up.

Below is the latest graph of social mood relative to U.S. news (an update to what was presented last week).  Storm Electra has been added to the chart.

(click to enlarge)

Notice what has happened to the pattern.  This line had appeared to be peaking near December 10th as the ice storms were completing.  This would mean that a major U.S. tragic event was right around the corner.  The Arapahoe shooting happened immediately after this apparent peak, but this line then started to climb again.  The added segment over this past week, with Storm Electra added, shows a peaking had not yet occurred... until now.  So, again, as was said in the original post on this event, if the pre-disaster pattern that can be clearly seen with the Boston Marathon event, and the recent Navy Yard shooting, continues to hold true, then America is only days away from its next big tragedy.

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