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One of the many benefits of looking at collective mood is that one can get a heads up on prosperous times, and times of more uncertainty and social angst.  The information is perhaps more general than one would desire, but it is still helpful in planning for near future storms or celebrations.

Coming into the month of November is a hopeful United States, and to some extent the world.  Perhaps the worst is behind us?  Perhaps we conquered the problems of the Great Recession after all?  Maybe things are going to really start to get better?

Yet, that is not the picture for November.  Globally, the primary concern is associated with economic issues.  While, as usual, the people of the United States will try to assume that this doesn't apply to them, the U.S. is not exempt from the November turmoil.

The top issues associated with the mood configurations for November: Economic uncertainty, bonds and interest rates, new and unexpected problems, denial, fighting, arguing, and protests.  Overall, this is a month of transition.  In the long run, what will matter is how we resolve this transition in December and January.  Do we enter a new global era of prosperity and stability or does cooperation become so elusive that it all starts to unravel?

Likely stock market direction for the month: mixed to down.

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