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Syria is not going to get blasted by the United States, at least for the moment.  Uncertainty often causes stress, but at least this time, both the social mood signal and the mood signal obtained from the news show that this is being experienced by the people of the U.S. and perhaps the world as somewhat of a relief.

The current mood is extremely unstable; however, nothing lasts forever, right?  This is a moment that collectively we relax into the unknown, while at the same time feeling the agitation of the unkowningness of it all.  It isn't comfortable, but at least it isn't a new war... or at least not today.

While U.S. markets are closed on Monday, global markets could have a good rally, at least for most of their sessions.  If the U.S. stock market was open on Monday, collective mood signals suggest markets would likely gain between 0.5% to 1.2%.

What a funny thing social mood is.  People are afraid of what might happen, then relieved at what won't happen... for now.  Yet, life is always uncertain.  Sometimes, perhaps, we are more aware of it.  Still, what social mood is clearly saying at this very moment, regardless of the hold put on a U.S. strike on Syria until congress can debate it, is that something highly destructive is gearing up to take place.  And it doesn't look like it cares whether or not congress is there to debate it or not.

There is no clear signal at this point that it is tomorrow or even the next day.  However, it isn't likely going to wait until congress is back in session.  But, for now, we should all get back to celebrating because today is not the day that this thing is going to happen, certainly.

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