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Many people understand that symbols in dreams are often metaphors that may represent past, current or even upcoming events in one's life.  They might look up in a dream book an animal or event that occurred in the dream to see what metaphysical or unconscious meaning might be getting expressed by it.  Would it be surprising to hear that all events could be seen as metaphors expressing a larger Pattern that includes the news, the weather, and even the events in our lives?

As of this moment, Flossie is a tropical storm a few days away from Hawaii.  Its winds are reported to be in the process of weakening.  There is a warning that heavy rain and flash flooding are to be expected, and possibly thunderstorms.  When I hear news like this, I prepare for the physical storm, but also look at the metaphysical symbols in the event.  Here is some of what I see in the meaning of Flossie for the world and how I might apply it personally:

1) A storm is approaching, but it's not the most ferocious of storms. Major storms showing up in one area, often are accompanied by news events of "storminess," (e.g. unrest, market volatility, violence, natural disasters).  Watch for these symptoms of storminess in the world news this coming week.  Whatever happens could be expected to bring change, but will not likely be in the "worst ever" category of destruction.

2) Expect heavy rain and flash flooding. Rain and flooding are metaphysically associated with intense emotions, passion, actions motivated by heart-felt beliefs or inner sense of rightness, and occasionally panic.  In the coming week, watch for world news about high emotions, people expressing passion about what is "right," and a possible increase in expressions of prejudice.  Overall, people should be tending toward making decisions based on emotions or beliefs, and less on facts or rational process.

Applying Flossie personally: A storm accompanies change.  Is there a change in my life I have been waiting for?  Have I felt stuck in a situation?  The unsettled nature of storminess makes changes more likely to occur.  What about the heavy rains?  Am I prepared for a period of increased passion and flow of emotion?  Am I prepared to channel this emotional energy in a positive direction?

All of these associations are only meaningful in a world in which everything is connected and somehow resonating together.  If you are able to look at it this way, this type of metaphorical approach to events might work for you.


Dr. Cari Bourette

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