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Out with the Old...

Our world is about to change at a pace that has never been seen before in all of human history.  A paradigm shift has begun.  For many it will be painful, for some it will be exhilarating.  The extent of our turmoil may be measured by the persistence with which we cling to the pursuit of how it's always been or to our old ideas of how things should be.  Adaptability and flexibility are key virtues that will get each of us through the days ahead.  Cooperation and community will be hallmarks of success.

The work that MoodCompass has done in tracking disasters has been successful.  We have learned that it can be done, and have demonstrated that there is connection between ourselves and our world.  However, because of where we are at in history, it does not make sense to continue to focus on disasters at this point.  There's a good chance that people will find all the disaster-type events they hear about in the news in the coming years to be overwhelming, or at least something to tune out and turn away from.  We need to find a different focus, and are trying to figure out right now what that might be.

We have discontinued our tracking of social mood's connection with the stock market as well.  The market will be quickly on its way to irrelevancy in the months ahead, as it already is for most people now.

Transformation is magical.  It can be frightening when it happens to us and our world.  Yet, as we let go of what we have clung to, either by choice or by force, we make room for something unexpected and potentially beautiful.  That is our hope for the world, now, and in the years ahead.

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