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The National Weather Service on Tuesday is expecting a ramping up of severe weather this week:

"Severe thunderstorms will be possible farther east as the week progresses due to a very unsettled weather pattern."

We have many times presented natural event outlooks based on social mood patterns.  This time we will present the same concept from the other side.  We have seen evidence over and over of a connection between weather, people, and events in general.  Given this weather forecast, watch for an increase in "unsettled" people.  If the pattern plays out as the Weather Service suspects, look for an increase in global stories about protests, riots, violence, market volatility, and natural events such as storms, earthquakes, and fires.

Are we saying that the weather causes people's moods?  Are we saying people cause the weather?  Are we saying that U.S. weather causes global events?  Not exactly.  We are saying that there is a connection.  They are interdependent.  People and the events in the world are interdependent.  Let's watch this "very unsettled pattern" in our world this week and see how many faces it ends up displaying.

For more information on the current outlook or the MoodCompass Project, see http://moodcompass.com.

You can also like The MoodCompass Project on undefined.

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Update 6/13/2013:

Storm so far has been bad, but not as bad as feared, so we would expect world news of this energy type to be unsettling, but not as destructive as it could have been.

Most destructive wildfire in Colorado's history

Dozens hurt in explosion at Louisiana chemical plant

Turkey's protest situation critical

Stocks close out a volatile week

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