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Stopping Disaster

On June 2, we posted a warning of being in the Global Disaster Zone through June 10.  Then an amazing thing happened.  The following day, we moved out of the "zone."  Is that a coincidence?  Did the few hundred people who read the post respond in a way that a global disaster was prevented or delayed?  There's no way to know for sure whether a thing would have happened.  Today, the risk once again nears the critical zone.  Is there a way to stop or delay disaster?  Is it possible to repeat what happened after the June 2 post?

On the right side of the chart below, it can be seen that as of the 1st post, collective mood was just entering the "Global Disaster Zone," and then promptly left it as the blue line moved down the following day.  It began moving up again on Friday, June 7, which also meant an increasing risk of disaster type events.  While not large enough to be considered a disaster, a tragic event occurred, a mass shooting at Santa Monica College in California.  As of today, the disaster zone is getting quite near again.  What will happen this time?

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