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Weather, Violence, and Americans

The way we collectively feel (social mood) goes through cycles relative to the news, or the events from "out there" that happen to us.  Sometimes we are really disconnected from the news and the events in it seem really severe compared to our lives and the world we experience.  The cycle then moves toward a place of reconnection where how we feel reflects what is happening in the world around us and the events that occur likewise resonate with how we have been feeling.

We are entering that reconnection phase right now, and for the next week or so, the mood we are in collectively and the events we read about in our world will be in sync.  This is true not just for events about people, but all events.  If we are collectively content, the weather will be generally pleasant, and there won't be a lot of horrible stories of people hurting people in the news.  However, if we are collectively agitated, we will hear of stories of agitated people striking out in random ways and of unstable, agitated weather creating havoc in people's lives.  If we are collectively ready to charge ahead in pursuit of our goals no matter who gets in the way (as the mood is reflecting), we may hear stories of organized violence, terrorist attacks or geopolitical escalation (increased war risk and/or carnage).  The way this primarily shows up in Nature is violent weather, floods, and volcanoes.  With the current pattern, earthquakes and fires would also not be uncommon.

If during these periods, social mood, the stories of people in the news, and the events of Nature are all closely related; and if none of these are the primary cause of the other, but all reflecting one interconnected expression; then by changing one, the others would change.  Even if we can change none of these directly, we can perhaps change ourselves.  For those of us wanting to participate, we can look at how we are pushing to move forward in our own lives.  Being ready to charge ahead is great, there is nothing wrong with a burst of directed action.  However, without understanding, communication or connection of some type with who or what we might be pushing aside or running over, this can become destructive.  The challenge for those who want to try this, is to find this balance in yourself, at least through mid-June.  See if the days you find this balance don't happen to be the days absent of stormy weather and angry or violent news stories.

For more information on the current outlook or the MoodCompass Project, see http://moodcompass.com.

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