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Another Disaster in the Making?

Since July 2012, there have been five major tragic events in the U.S.  Each of these disasters have followed a three-step process from inception to manifestation.  Looking at just step one and manifestation, we will be able to see just how close we are getting to beginning the process toward the next U.S. disaster.

Looking at disasters on a societal level, this chart shows the relationship between the events in the news and social mood (derived from mood in top U.S. news stories vs. Google Hot Trends).  In this continuous pattern of increasing scale disasters, a line is crossed that begins the process of manifestation of the next tragic event.  We are calling this the "karma point."  Crossing this is step one of three toward the next tragic event.  It is a point of maximum separation or disconnection between where we are at in our experience (as a whole) compared with the events showing up in the news.  After this point of maximum distancing of ourselves from what is going on, a rebalancing process ensues.  A tragic event occurs near the culmination of this, and we are for a brief moment reconnected with the news and with the rest of society.

It is interesting how quickly after the Boston Marathon event that we collectively moved to distance ourselves from the news and those bad things "out there."  Will we continue forward and cross the karma line in the next few days, ushering in the process of the next event?  Is it possible we could pause for a moment and look at the things in our own lives that are destructive to ourselves and to the world?  Would we dare change one little thing?  If only a few of us stopped to look at the destructive potential in ourselves, could it make a difference?  Is it possible to stop the next disaster from taking shape, at least for the moment?

For a more detailed description of the process of disaster formation, see Disaster: Society's Shadow.

For more information on the current outlook or the MoodCompass Project, see http://moodcompass.com.

You can also like The MoodCompass Project on undefined.

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