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Global Scale Crises thru April 25

Collective mood indicates escalating global instability and economic crises, especially after April 17.  Today's stock market tumble was the sound of distant thunder as a larger storm approaches.

Instability may be exacerbated by ideological conflict.  There is an increased risk for protests, mass violence, and terrorist activity.  There is a higher than usual geopolitical risk for what would be experienced societally as an "unprovoked" attack.  Unusual or surprise events are likely.

Social mood depicts the shape of the crises to be primarily around economic issues and the markets, as well as other events that lead to an increasing sense of vulnerability and risk aversion.  Tenacious optimism and "animal spirits" are likely to fade as dollars and market points disappear. People should become less certain about the future, less willing to spend, and possibly less willing to venture far from home.

For more information on the current outlook or the MoodCompass Project, see http://moodcompass.com.

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Update 4/15/13: The Boston Marathon terrorist attack today is another very loud "rumble of thunder."

4/17/13: Deadly quake hits Iran / Pakistan

4/18/13: Up to 40 dead in Texas fertilizer plant explosion

           More mayhem in Boston: MIT officer shot

4/20/13: Over 150 dead, thousands injured in Sichuan, China quake

            Week in review: Across America, Chaos, Horror, and Hope

4/24/13: Flash Crash: 4 minute stock market plunge wipes out $200 million in value

4/25/13: Over 250 die in Bangladeshi building collapse

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