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New Info on April 2-11 U.S. Crisis Type

The MoodCompass Type of the event expected was E SE, and has shifted to E NE.  We now have to look at two possible scenarios:

Scenario 1:

The event(s) could come as a one-two punch including aspects of both MoodCompass types E SE and E NE, following how the mood shifts developed in phase 3.  E SE goes with violent protests, mayhem, terrorist activity, and unusual or surprising events.  It is more likely to be initiated by a lone disturbed individual or fringe group than a geopolitical entity (government).  E NE goes with domestic issues, the economy and diplomacy.  All together, this could mean a surprise event, followed by an economic impact.

Natural disasters associated with E SE are earthquakes and violent storms (including cyclones or high winds).  Natural events associated with E NE would be hail or snow storms, and cyclones. The probability of the currently developing U.S. event being a natural disaster will rise substantially near the end of this period. 

Scenario 2:

The event(s) take on MoodCompass type E which is associated with communications, information, the internet, etc.  It can also be associated with deception or with money.  It is difficult to imagine an information type disaster more emotionally impactful than the Sandy Hook shooting, but we have to allow for this possibility.  The types of natural events associated with type E are major storms and high winds.  The probability of the currently developing U.S. event being a natural disaster will rise substantially near the end of this period. 

- - - -

To summarize the latest information beyond the two scenarios above:

1) Likely time window for the next major U.S. crisis in the series that began July 2012 (i.e. Aurora, CO., Libya Ambassador, Hurricane Sandy, and Sandy Hook) is April 2-11.  The most likely period is April 4-9.  Update 4/8/13... natural event risk surpassing human event risk today.

2) The event might or might not originate from outside of the U.S.  If the event originates in the United States, the most likely region for it to occur is West/Central California, second likely, the Southwestern U.S., and third, the deep South.

3) As the events in the series are of increasing subjective impact, there may or may not be more casualties than the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, but it should have a larger emotional impact for most people in the U.S.

During this period, there is a very high risk globally, for the types of events listed in either scenario one or two above.

- - - -

For more information on the current outlook or the MoodCompass Project, see http://moodcompass.com.

You can also like The MoodCompass Project on undefined.

- - - -

News on actual events reflecting the E SE / E NE collective mood type during the alert period:
4/9/13 Snow, tornado threat mix in Spring weather tango
           Texas college stabbing: 14 injured, 2 in critical condition
4/10/13 Gunman killed after holding five Georgia firemen hostage
              Man calmly walks into Home Depot and saws both arms down to bone
             Update on the unusual Winter Storm Walda
4/11/13  Storm update; 2 dead, State of Emergency in MO
4/12/13 Storm update; 3 dead, thousands w/o power in Midwest and Deep South

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