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Last week's news stories were both surprising and sad, appropriately reflecting the collective mood.  However, they did very little to release the building pressure of a not yet realized major tragic event that is observable in U.S. social mood.  Phase 3 of 3 continues to unfold, and a grand finale appears to be waiting to grab our collective attention and shift our focus to a far less expansive mood than is currently experienced.  As was explained in a previous post, phase 3 means the manifestation is days away.

When a manic social mood starts to "break," unusual or chaotic events start to show up in the world "out there."  Some of last week's bizarre-tragic events were: an airport sign falling on a family, killing a ten year old; a baby shot in a stroller by two teens; seven Marines dying in a training exercise when a mortar exploded.  These are all U.S. events.  The U.S. manic mood is beginning to break.

Yet, as sad as all of last week's events were, they were not sufficient to achieve much more than a pause in the collective mood signature.  The "crisis signal" pertaining to March 16-23 was not the big one after all.  Phase 3 is not yet over.  The signal has shifted to a more complex pattern similar to the one observed just before the Sandy Hook Elementary School incident.

While this now complex mood signature looks a lot like what came just before Sandy Hook, what actually happens may end up being something very different.  Yet, it will be obvious when we experience it.  If somehow the mood patterns do something completely new and dissipate without a tragic event occurring, we will certainly be happy to share that.

Some of us at The Crow's Nest have been participating in an experiment to attempt to live the balance before events effectively create that.  The hope in doing this is that if enough people intentionally shifted their consciousness, perhaps the need for a violent or tragic balancing would be minimized.  There's information in previous posts on how you can participate too, if that's of interest to you.

For more information on the current outlook or the MoodCompass Project, see http://moodcompass.com.

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