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Development of the next big tragic event to unite the U.S. (and possibly global) psyche for a brief moment is in phase 3 of 3.  That means two things 1) the event is within a few days away from manifesting, and 2) some information on the type of event is available.  As for the experiment on trying to participate on the side of balance this week before the balancing event occurred, it has been quite challenging thus far.

The first few days of the experiment went well.  Some of us took time to have picnics or take walks in natural settings, to cut down on any frivolous spending, and to remember to take deep breaths and stay grounded.  We were encouraged by the news that there was *almost* another college massacre in Indiana on March 18th, but for some reason the would be assailant only executed himself.  Did we have something to do with how that turned out?  Maybe, maybe not, but the possibility was encouraging.  Yet, in spite of our efforts, we quickly got caught up in the busy, hectic, manic social mood energy of the week, and found ourselves with twice as many activities that had to be done or appointments kept, etc. than is usual for us.  Slowing down this week, was like trying to swim upstream against a massive current.  Still, it has been interesting, thus far, to say the least.

From the information available going into phase 3, the crisis event(s), whatever they may be, should accomplish the following collective shift:

1) Move our attention away from domestic (U.S.) squabbling about numbers, budgets and related government issues.

2) Result in an increased collective feeling of vulnerability or helplessness.

The event(s) may be related to protests, mayhem, mass violence or some type of unusual “surprise” occurrence.  It may possibly be of an international origin, but not necessarily.  There is no evidence at this time of it being a natural disaster.

We will cautiously resume our experiment, trying again to go in the direction of the balancing until this shift has run its course.

If you are interested in more details on the current global mood and the "symptoms" that are likely to show up with it, please visit the MoodCompass Project webpage at  http://moodcompass.com.

You can also like The MoodCompass Project on undefined.

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