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When Depressed Social Mood Explodes

Since early December, the social mood as obserbed in Hawaii's people as well as local current events has been extremely somber, similar to how the mood of a person experiencing a severe depression would appear. The peak of this seems to have been yesterday's news of the death of the well-respected, long term senator, Daniel Inouye.

The MoodCompass team has been watching for signs of a shift in this social depression. When a person has a serious depression and then begins to come out of it, whether through medication, treatment, or time, they are briefly in heightened danger. All the strong emotions that have for the most part been "depressed" become energized and may show up in bouts of rage, destructive behavior, even suicidal behavior.

Today, marks the first sign in weeks of a shift from that extremely serious, depressed social mood configuration. Where it goes next is crucial. Does it take on the bipolar configuration and move to a manic pattern? Does it become rageful or destructive? Or, will it move to a more benign, life-affirming configuration?

Because we are currently on alert for a potential Hawaiian crisis, the possibility of a developing explosive mood (or event) is something to pay careful attention to.

For more information on the MoodCompass project, see http://moodcompass.com.

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