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Teetering on the Edge (Again) - Nov 2011

Highlights: High risk of U.S. Government budget impasse ∙ Increased risk of terrorist activity ∙ Extreme societal tension and polarization ∙ In Nature: Heavy rain and snow near the holidays.

November looks like a busy month for world leaders, as they continue to try to manufacture growth where little can be found. There is a high risk of a U.S. budget impasse that does not get resolved in time. The U.S. government perception cycles show high activity (battles) through November 17 (the deadline), shifting to dialogue and negotiations through the 22nd. The timing would suggest an agreement not reached in time, causing increased societal distress and further distrust of the government as the holidays approach.

There is a heightened global risk for terrorist activity mid-month, along with increased protests, and possible increase in "random acts" of violence. In the natural world, an increased chance of heavy rain and snow near the holidays should make travel interesting.

Socioeconomic and Geopolitical events:
There are three major periods indicated for November --

November 1 - 8 Into Action.
November 9 - 17 Turbulence.
November 18 -30 It's the Economy, Stupid.
(further details available in the full version of MoodCompass)

Global natural events:
November 4 - 16 Active, In Motion. Nature is in the news. Elevated risk of unusual or increased tectonic activity.
November 16 - 28 Wet, Stormy. Increased risk of heavy rain and snow.

The above is an excerpt from the November 2011 issue of MoodCompass, a publication of A New Story Foundation. To view the latest projections related to human perception of the natural world, see Earth Cycles.

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