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A Glitch in the Global Matrix

One can see the European crisis and market turmoil coming to a peak October 3rd and 4th reflected in this excerpt below from the October issue of MoodCompass. October 4th brought in the period in which the social mood reflected a sense of "new life," as forecasted. In the short time horizon of market traders and politicians, this was reflected in global stock market rallies, and political negotiations that showed hope of possibly moving past deadlock.

So what of the current phase entitled "A Glitch?" The G20 is in negotiations this weekend. Are they going to break down or be otherwise ineffective as this "chapter" unfolds? Do global protests begin to appear out of control or become violent in some way? Something the larger society considers "crazy," "surprising," "contrary," and possibly violent is the likely manifestation of the current configuration. If possible, staying close to home and staying informed of the latest events may be a prudent course of action.
From the October MoodCompass:
October 1 - 3 An Ending. Risk aversion is high. Focus on global economy and stability. Geopolitical issues.

October 4 - 12 A New Start. Global leaders focused on calming things down and restabilizing the global system. U.S.. government searches for common ground between various groups in dialogue and negotiations.

October 13 - 18 A Glitch. Discussions and negotiations may break down. There's an increased risk of protests, terrorist activity, and "random acts' of violence.


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Oct. 15th, 2011 09:04 pm (UTC)
I guess it's already happening:

Violence in Rome, as Protests go Global
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