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The U.S. Strikes Back - June 2011

Highlights: Global system under duress ∙ People feeling unsafe and risk averse ∙ U.S. government doles out death and justice ∙ Earthquake watch, Southern California ∙ Storm and flood watch, E. North America

Special Alert: U.S. strikes hard at an enemy. Is it N. Korea?

Natural events: June 9-14 and June 28 – July 3 are the greatest risk periods for natural events with moderate to high losses. Of particular interest is Southern California, for which a moderate earthquake watch is issued. Also, the Eastern half of N. America looks like a candidate for more storms and flooding in June.

The above is an excerpt from the June 2011 issue of MoodCompass, a publication of A New Story Foundation. To view the latest projections related to human perception of the natural world, see Earth Cycles.

MoodCompass is now available to the general public. You can view the current issue at http://moodcompass.com/.

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Actual Events:
N. Korea escalation
The was a N. Korean attack that became news the end of May (the Gmail attack on U.S.military and Korean officials is looking like it was from N. Korea):
How serious are N. Korea's hacking activities?
Defector claims up to 3000 hackers in N. Korea
Pentagon responds with policy of cyber attack => act of war

Also, on May 26, U.S. stops a N. Korean missile shipment to Myanmar

6/03/11: N. Korea vows military action against the South
6/05/11: S. Korea, U.S. and China arrange meetings in response to N. Korean threat
6/12/11: Senior Chinese official visits N. Korea
6/15/11: North-South Korean tension escalates
6/16/11: New Korea tensions over troop and missile movement
6/17/11: S. Korea fires at civilian plane thought to be North's troops
6/19/11: U.S. commander: More N. Korea attacks likely
6/25/11: Military tensions between U.S. and China heat up
Last updated 6/25/11

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