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The year begins with hope for the future, and optimism that things are finally getting back on track—economic recovery perhaps is possible. Yet, before the year is into double digit days, a major paradigm shift should be seen to be taking place. The catalyst for this shift may lie in the geopolitical picGeopolitical Posturing January 2010ture.   With a significant escalation in the Korea situation likely (see maps) and Asian economies sure to be directly impacted, how can the West expect to remain immune?  In a global economy, how can any single country or region expect to do well when another is in disarray?  Is the U.S. debt going to remain largely irrelevant while European countries and states within the United States struggle with defaults and restructuring?

Given the collective mood for the month, January appears to be a month of rebalancing. Exuberance and recklessness  should give way to caution and risk aversion. Gestures of cooperation on the part of world leaders and governments should give Social Instability Factors January 2010way to increasing displays of isolationism and protectionism. Attempts at political harmony could turn to outright enmity. Overbought markets should give back some of last year’s gains, and the U.S. Dollar should make quite a comeback against other currencies.

The human perception of the natural world exhibits this same theme of rebalancing in an aversion of excess energy. Some of the ways this could manifest would be below normal temperatures, heavy precipitation, and releasing of tectonic energy in the form of earthquakes. By the end of January there may be a strong feeling that the year has begun in a wrong direction, and a collective cry may be heard, “Could we just start the New Year over?”

The above is an excerpt from the January 2011 issue of MoodCompass, a publication of A New Story Foundation. To view the latest projections related to human perception of the natural world, see Earth Cycles.

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