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   Change is in the air, and projected collective mood indicates the beginning of a new paradigm. However, this approaching new reality may not bode well for the optimists. On a societal level, November holds a disheartening mixture of collective apathy, discord, despair, and intolerance. Such wide scale dysphoria is difficult to contain for long, and may result in some individuals or groups acting out in bursts of violence or other anti-social behaviors. Global leaders and governments, needed to keep the ever illusive recovery on track, as well as maintain a stable geopolitical environment, will likely find it difficult to accomplish anything of substance where cooperation is required. Things could even get more interesting should a less stable individual who also happens to be a head of state gets too caught up in the tide of antipathy.

    According to projected collective mood and perception, there is high risk for terrorist activity as well as large impact natural disaster(s), especially in the first half of the month. With coffers lean and ammunition for economic remedies running thin, the clock continues to tick on an ever nearing market meltdown. There is continued discussion of a possible currency war, and such a scenario would fit well within the November “look out for number one” attitude. The next episode in the “new normal,” however it plays out, does not look pretty. Rather than a next chapter in global recovery, it may turn out to be the early stages of a systemic breakdown. 

The above is an excerpt from the November 2010 issue of MoodCompass, a publication of A New Story Foundation. To view the latest projections related to human perception of the natural world, see Earth Cycles.


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Nov. 15th, 2010 03:37 pm (UTC)
MoodCompass themes in the news:

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