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Fear, Hate, and Eruptions - May 2010

Tempers are high and patience is thin. Fear and uncertainty can only be held so long before they crystallize into hate. With people suspicious of their governments and each other, at some point government officials will begin to fear the people. Civil unrest should continue to increase on a global scale this month. There will be some point, perhaps this month, where governments will begin to take measures to insure against what is considered unacceptable levels of instability.

The month of May is a tipping point. The social mood configuration bears an uncanny resemblance to that seen in March 2009, except this time it represents a major change in trend to the downside. Whether it represents a major downturn for several months or for several years is yet to be seen. However, odds are that it is the latter. With the social mood continuing to sour internally, and the geopolitical situation becoming increasingly unstable, hopes for a sustained economic recovery could begin to look doubtful.

In addition to the high potential for social eruptions, it is likely that the natural world parallels, volcanoes and earthquakes, are in the news again in May. The highest likelihood for tectonic events is in the Americas; but the Iran/Iraq area is also a candidate. A highly destructive event of some type is likely for Far East Asia (i.e. E. China, Japan, and Korea) and/or Papua New Guinea.

As we watch the ramifications of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill unfold, we will be faced with visible evidence of civilization’s destructive impacts on the life potential of the Earth. Is it too far a leap to consider that humanity is not immune to the downturn in Earth’s productivity? Will we continue to look for props, patches and loopholes, or do we have the capacity to pause and consider a course correction while such choices still remain? If humanity and the rest of nature indeed have a shared tipping point, such choices would need to be made rather quickly, if at all.

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The preceding was an excerpt from the May 2010 issue of MoodCompass. (current issue viewable by research sponsors only; reprinted with permission of A New Story Foundation)

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