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Class warfare, racial slurs, and political ideologies at impasse; world stock markets climbing high while so many can’t find work or make ends meet. The tension is high, so thick you can almost touch it. Something, it seems, is ready to blow. The internal situations of several nations, including the United States, Iran, and Thailand could get fairly intense this month. A parallel in the natural world, almost a metaphor for the human experience, is tectonic pressure seeking release—and a global interest in volcanoes.

The United States shows a mood configuration for April, which if it were that of an individual, would be someone experiencing high anxiety, stress, and agitation. For U.S. society, look for the conflict of ideologies that has been polarizing the nation to escalate. The degree of tension in the U.S. may be disturbing enough that international investors seek alternatives to the U.S. Dollar and U.S. markets. There may also be a natural world metaphor for the U.S., as instability shows up in a tectonic event, most likely in the Pacific Northwest.

Iran’s social mood, if it were an individual, would be someone in deep emotional turmoil. For the Iranian people, this could indicate a period where loyalties are assessed, and those found to be disloyal to those in power to be harshly punished. The manic configuration in E. Asia indicates a good possibility that the situation in Thailand could degenerate into chaos. The manifestation in China may be more economic—concerns with inflation and economic bubbles.

The primary geopolitical hotspot for April is the Middle East—notably, Iran, Israel, and Syria. N. Korea could be an issue as well. As these scenarios play themselves out over the next few months, the effects on global trade, global markets, and global stability should be monitored closely. The most likely course is one of increasing volatility.

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The preceding was an excerpt from the April 2010 issue of MoodCompass. (current issue viewable by research sponsors only; reprinted with permission of A New Story Foundation)

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