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Who's Afraid of Inflation?

The theme for the coming week is "unintended consequences." The developed world has been in the midst of a manic binge of overconsumption for quite some time. Just like with an individual person, prolonged extreme mania is often followed by a severe depression (after the extreme mania of the 1920's, the depression of the 1930's naturally resulted). World governments have done their best to forestall an economic depression by continuing to pump "stimulus money," the economic equivalent of adrenaline, into the global system. To not have done so would have been catastrophic. Yet, is it possible that they just traded in one set of problems for another? How long can one keep going on stimulants without some sort of breakdown? Should we expect anything less drastic from something as complex as the current world order?

The indications for the coming week are for an extreme surge in inflation concerns. While this could be a final surge before deflation sets in for a time, the strength of it could still be quite alarming, especially to those who pay attention to such things on a daily or weekly basis. The likely manifestations to go along with this are a sharp spike back up in gold, silver, and other commodities; a decline in the U.S. Dollar; a dramatic sell-off in U.S. Treasuries; and diminished confidence in the U.S. government, and the global system as a whole.

Dec. 14 - 20: Sharp sell-off in U.S. Dollars and/or U.S. Treasuries. Inflation concerns skyrocket. Global system appears to be breaking down. Diminishing confidence in the U.S government. (MoodCompass, Dec. issue, pg. 2).

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