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Will Increased Violence hurt Copenhagen?

Dec. 7 - 16: Directed Volatility, Outrage Violence is on the increase, and possible displays of discontent or civil unrest. (MoodCompass, Dec. issue, page 10).

There has already been a lot of skeptical press about the futility of Copenhagen. As desperate as the situation is, as serious as the threats are to the planet, there is little liklihood that any government will be willing to bear the political costs of actually insuring that the kinds of cuts required will actually be made. Climate activists and others who are aware of how serious the situation is, are feeling increasingly desperate.

The Copenhagen climate talks begin on Monday December 7. Social mood projections are for increased violence, protests, and civil unrest beginning on the same day. While outbursts of outrage could show up anywhere on the planet, I have to wonder whether these two factors will intersect in Copenhagen. If they do, will it help draw attention to the climate change problem, or will it only distract from the business at hand? Is there anything that anyone can do that will actually cause needed changes to take place? Important questions that need to be answered.

On the positive side, at least for Copenhagen, our social maps for the month show that increased violence or civil unrest is most likely in Mexico, the U.S., Pakistan and India. The risk is also somewhat elevated in Russia (we have already seen some of that this month). Best wishes for a fruitful and peaceful event to both delegates and protesters in Copenhagen.

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