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Below is an except from this month's MoodCompass:
- - -
October is seasonal for mischief, pranks, and random destructive acts. However, this year, the world may experience a much larger scale version of this phenomenon. Whether over fears of unknown change associated with health care reform, outrage at complacency with Iran, or economic problems yet to be solved, the United States could experience a level of civil unrest that it has not seen for many years. An even more extreme form of civil chaos could appear in Iran this month. There may be other outbreaks of this type of behavior throughout the world. Most especially pay attention to Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Western China, and Russia.

Strains on the global economy and infrastructure should continue in October. The budgets of states and local economies may be stretched to dangerous levels. The U.S. government will likely be working overtime keeping things together, and one of those all weekend crisis session is not out of the question.

And let’s not forget Iran. It would not be unlikely during the month for discussion and conjecture to arise regarding the direction of the Iran regime, the U.S. position on sanctions or military action, and potential Israeli actions. Such topics as Armageddon may even become part of ordinary conversation in the most intense periods of suspense.

The month ends with a very violent social mood configuration. It is not clear how this may manifest, but it does indicate that November could be even more interesting than October.

- - -
http://anewstory.org/markets/Oct09_MoodCompass.pdf (current issue viewable by research sponsors only; reprinted with permission of A New Story Foundation)

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